CSound instruments

Martin McBride, 2017-09-23

CSound is a sound and music computing system. It can be used to create electronic instruments, and also to create scores (sequences of sounds), which can be anything from a simple tune to a full orchestral piece (or just a sound effect of some kind).

CSound can be used for other things too - it can be controlled from a MIDI keyboard to make a playable synthesiser, or it can be hooked up to other types of sensor to create other types of novel electronic instrument. It can also be used for algorithmic composition and live coding performances, and probably other things too.

In this section, we will mainly look at how to design software instruments, plus a little bit about scores so that we can create music from our instruments.

This isn't a beginners guide to CSound itself. You are expected to have a basic understanding of how to use CSound, but you don't need any deep knowledge, and I will try to explain things as we go along.

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